Our missions focus on the promotion of socio-economic, environmental, professional and cultural development.

CSR Solutions is a Non Governmental Organization with headquarters based in Goma, DRC, which aims to support clean-tech projects in African countries.

We support the realization of community projects in collaboration with local and international organizations and companies. These projects are mainly intended for people living in fragile areas and aim at their autonomy.

Our aim is to provide and develop sustainable solutions (products and services) that add value to your business and CSR policy as well as to the local populations where the projects are implemented. We can analyse your company’s needs and opportunities in relation to the projects we support. We also provide CSR consulting: audit and evaluation of CSR policies and projects (ethical values, sustainable supply chains, social justice, human rights, child protection, gender equality, trade union rights…) Internal mobilisation actions in companies (awareness raising, prevention…), advice and training in the concepts of eco-design, the circular and solidarity economy…

Our missions are commited to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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