We believe in sustainability – economical, social and environmental.

We also believe that profit is the driving force of companies. We are convinced that the two can be combined ­­- for the better for both companies and a sustainable society.

A company that takes responsibility for a sustainable world has everything to gain. That is the way to meet your costumers’ and future employee’s’ demands. When using the embedded force provided by enterprises, we can push the development in the right direction.

This is why we need companies that dare to take on the challenge. Are you one of them? Then maybe we can help you.

We want to take Corporate Social Responsibility to the next level. We want it to be more than fancy words and all about the brand name. We want concrete action – in the interest of companies as well as society.

This is why we focus on concrete solutions and innovations that help us achieve just that.

  • We cooperate with Solvatten and Peepoople to help people and societies in economically, socially and environmentally challenging situations.
  • We work with Oppenheimer Biotechnology Incorporated (OBI) to provide bioremediations and environmental friendly sanitation of hazardous waste to create healthy soil and water

There are more ways to help companies take responsibility for our common society. Therefore we are also constantly looking for new innovations that can provide healthy enterprising and a sustainable world ­­– simultaneously.

Our objective

Our objective is to provide and develop sustainable  solutions, both products and services, that add value when addressing your CSR challenges and developing your business.

Do you want to help? Get in touch. We can help you analyze your company’s need and possibilities.  We create value by optimising companies contribution to sustainable development.

Naturally, we also provide more traditional CSR-counseling as ethical values, a sustainable supply chain,  evaluation and promotion of social justice and internationally recognized human and labour rights, engagement excercises, education about Cradle to cradle andr business models based on a circular economy, etc etc.