School Project in Goma

We will start up school and hostel in Goma, more information coming soon.

Right now we are looking for financing to start up a school programme. Education is central to development and a key to attaining the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It is one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty and inequality and lays a foundation for sustained economic growth. We want to provide advocacy and technical supports to homeless children in the area in order to provide primary education to ensure for getting back their fundamental rights as well as making them skilled for income generating activities. This support will help them to be a primary graduate.

Access to education is very limited and more or less inaccessible in different educational institutions even if they have potentialities. CSR Solutions is proud to help add new knowledge to the fields of child development and early education. We aim to start up a primary School while more or less 50 vulnerable students that can have an opportunity to take regular study. However, it is not enough capacity to fulfil the present demand of children as well as the parents. Therefore CSRS would like to build a hostel that will secure funding for the school, and hopfully we can be able to build even more schools in the future.