Goma prison

CRS Solutions has initiated a sanitation project in the Central Prison of Goma. The prison is overpopulated and the latrine system is not dimensioned to support the number of prisoners held at the institution. In order to improve health and sanitation at the prison, a project with Caritas was started in 2015 to provide the CP with Peepoo.

Peepoo is a bag that is a single use toilet. But it is not just any old bags. Inside are chemicals that break down the poo and pee into fertilizer. Peepoo bags not only help contain dangerous waste, offering alternative sanitation where there is a lack of infrastructure. The bags also begin to turn the feces into a positive material that can nourish crops. The bioplastic bag has an inner lining covered with urea powder. Together with an enzyme in the bacteria of poop, it produces ammonia gas that raises the PH level until nothing wants to live inside the bag, and the feces degrades. Once collected, the bags are buried in the ground. In optimal conditions, you have produced a fertilizer from the human waste in just six months

Before introducing peepoo infectious diseases were rampant in the prison. Now they have decreased significantly, as well as provided fertilizer to be used in the prison garden or to be sold for agroforestry use.

We now plan to expand the project, and are looking for financing to start up production of Peepoo bags adjacent to the prison. Partners in the project are MONUSCO, Red Cross Goma, Section d’Appui à la Justice et Administration Pénitentiaire and Ministère de la Justice et Droits Humains Division de la Justice et Garde de sceaux du Nord-Kivu.