Panzi Hospital

IAS, Peepoo foundation and CSR Solutions will start up new Project with Panzi Hospital, distributing peepoo for 100 women for one year in a pilot study in Bukavu area.

The Peepoo initial launch project in Bukavu will be a collaboration between Panzi hospital and CSR Solutions with the long term goal to establish the Peepoo sanitation system and business model in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo.

The project will be a one year pilot project where Peepoos, along with education and information about sanitation and hygiene will be distributed for free by the local Panzi hospital and health care centres in Bukavu. It is of high importance that a clear strategy is set for the distribution of Peepoos, in order to ensure that the market is not damaged for future scale up of the Peepoo as a commercial product in the community. The overall objective of the initial launch projectis to improve the health and safety of the population in Bukavu, through improving access to hygienic, safe and dignified sanitation.

The specific objectives are:

  • To introduce the Peepoo sanitation system in Bukavu through hospitals and health care centres.
  • Introduce the use of Peepoo as fertiliser
  • Prepare for a large scale Peepoo project with the Peepoo business model in the community, in Bukavu.