Today, more than 2.6 billion people lack access to basic sanitation. At this moment, 40% of the world’s population lack access to even the simplest latrine.

Peepoo is a personal, single-use, self-sanitising, fully biodegradable toilet that prevents faeces from contaminating the immediate area as well as the surrounding ecosystem. After use, Peepoo turns into valuable fertiliser that can improve livelihoods and increase food security.


Peepoo contains five grams of urea – a non-hazardous chemical that is the most common artificial fertiliser in the world. When the urea in Peepoo comes into contact with faeces or urine, a breakdown into ammonia and carbonate takes place, driven by enzymes that naturally occur in faeces. As the urea is broken down, ammonia starts to inactivate infectious organisms and sanitisation process begins.

Disease causing pathogens, which may be found in faeces, can be rendered inactive within four weeks. When Peepoo disintegrates in the soil, the ammonia is taken up by plants along with nutrients from the human excreta.