Satino Black

The Dutch company Van Houtum attaches great importance to innovation and are constantly working to develop products and processes for washroom solutions with positive impact across the chain with 100% positive defined safe material and renewable energy.

With the brand Satino Black they provide their customers with solutions to help them to transform their washroom to the most eco-friendly in the world: innovative technologies ensure a unique combination of quality, image and user-friendliness with the most environmentally friendly products. The Satino Black range includes hygienic paper, hand soap, foam soap and dispensers.

The development of the Cradle to Cradle certified paper and dispensers is a nice example of how Van Houtum work with CSR. Van Houtum has analyzed – together with research institute EPEA in Germany – their entire production process and all the substances used for the effects on people and the environment.

As a result, after 1.5 years of improvement process, the Satino Black paper got Cradle to Cradle certified, and hence is suitable for the biological cycle in the circular economy. Van Houtum also made a conscious choice to use the colour black for the printed materials and their disepensers as black pigments are best option for the environment.

The paperdispensers are produced from recycled plastic – using 100% green energy.  A recycling concept has been developed for Satino Black dispensers in order to be able to reuse the raw materials. Satino Black has put a unique product line on the market; a complete Cradle to Cradle concept and on the same time has brininge their users a step closer to their sustainability targets.

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