Solvatten is a combined water purifier and water heater. In a few simple steps, 10 liters of water are heated and purified – without chemical additives, electricity or advanced filters. A unique design neutralizes dangerous microorganisms.

Technology for a better world

Solvatten is a combined water purifier and water heater. It has been developed especially for families living off-grid in developing countries where access to clean water and infrastructure is limited. It is designed to last for many years and only needs sunlight to work – this makes the solution very cost-effective per liter of clean, warm water.

Solar water reduces the daily use of wood and coal while simplifying the process of purifying and heating water in the home. People save time and money, while improving hygiene and health. A Solvatten is estimated to provide a family with clean, warm water for 7-10 years and can thus be of vital importance, especially for children under 5 years of age, as the risk of dying from illness is greatest.

All that is needed is sunlight.